Donald Trump Is Looking for Another Address for the State of Union

President Donald Trump speaks during an event on human trafficking in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Friday, Feb. 1, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

President Trump seems to have changed his mind regarding the location of the Union address.
He says that the House Chamber was the perfect address, which would not have required an
alternative location and believes that no other address is as good as the House Chamber. He
also said that while the Shutdown was on, Nancy Pelosi asked him to provide the address and
he agreed. However, later she changed her mind due to the Shutdown and now, he has decided
till the shutdown ends.
The shutdown has left around 800,000 staff unpaid since December 22. In a letter to Pelosi, he
wrote that he wants to give a speech to the capital on Tuesday, irrespective of her security
concerns. He also said that it is not right if the State of the Union location is not announced
before the deadline and most importantly from that location!
When he was informed that the request was turned down by Pelosi, he said that he wasn’t
surprised at all because the Democrats don’t want to lessen the crime rates in the country and
it is going to continue the same way.
Now Trump has been invited by Republican officials of North Carolina and Michigan to give his
speech in their states. Also, a group of Republicans led by Jim Banks also approached the Vice
President to invite Trump to their state for delivering his speech. Unfortunately, the response
to the invite is not known yet.
It was also thought that the White House can also be an option because it is always better to
have a second plan. Trump thinks that it will be very disrespectful to the State of Union to
deliver his speech from another location and it doesn’t seem like he would do it. He does have
some other alternatives, but is bound by the pressure from the House Speaker.
Trump even praised her move as reasonable and on the other hand, slammed her position just
a day ago. This surprised those who knew Trump for many years.
Citizens hope that the decision is made soon. Stay tuned for more such news!


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