Glass Movie Review: M Night Shyamalan’s Film Fails to Establish His Super-Hero Tale


In the new age of superhero movies, Shyamalan also tried his attempt into creating a superhero movie which had substances which are not commonly expected from a movie of such genre.

It is considered as a sequel to his creation Unbreakable which had Bruce Willis and Samuel L.

Jackson in the lead and narrated a story of a super hero and a super villain and how they are essential to each other. Besides this, the film also tries to bring Unbreakable and Split together. Split was a thriller, horror film directed by M Night Shyamalan, which starred James McAvoy, Betty Buckley, and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Unbreakable, in fact, was believed to be his best superhero, big-budget Hollywood film ever made. It was so engaging that nobody could tell that it was a superhero story, until they reached the climax. On the other hand, Split was nowhere near the genre of a superhero sci-fi film. It was a pure psychological horror film, where a man with a split personality, kidnaps two women. Split was good, although not a blockbuster.

However, Glass doesn’t seem to have impressed its audience much with an average rating of 2.5 stars.

Split was made on a budget half of Unbreakable, whereas Glass had a budget of $20 million. Whatever the budget was, Shyamalan did not satisfy the spookiness level, which he intended during the initial days of the project.

The trailer of the film shows that the majority of the film has been shot in a mental facility, which is extremely frustrating and boring to keep the viewer involved.

If the director wasn’t too pre-engaged in his own reputation and had given a little attention to the expectations he himself created, Glass would have been another hit but, alas, we are again at the same point from where we started!

Glass has an anti-climactic ending which in no way defines the story. We appreciate Shyamalan’s effort, in always trying to bring something very unique and different, but this time he fails to get his reward.


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