Tips for Windows 10 Installation


Windows 10 is a highly dynamic and user friendly OS that gives constant updates with new features. It is the smoothest and most seamless operating system and works like a charm on almost any device. For this reason, it is important to update your current operating system and make sure you have the latest version of Windows 10 installed in your computer. But, installation and system configuration can often be a confusing process, with hundreds of options to choose from, most users choose default configuration. Windows 10 can do a lot more to fit into your requirements! So, don’t settle for default and read on to be able to make the best use of the OS:

Temporarily delay updates

If your PC is running Win-10 Pro or Enterprise, you have the option of steering clear of the update for a few months. This gives you the flexibility to only install the update when you are sure that it is stable and safe to use. Microsoft has an infamous reputation of constantly forcing its users to stay up to date, but with the Pro or Enterprise versions, you have the option to wait a long time before needing to update your operating system

Shut down Cortana or OneDrive

Microsoft has made it seemingly impossible for its users to disable features like Cortana and OneDrive. The Cortana toggle button has also been recently removed, forcing users to cooperate and adapt to its presence. But, these features can be removed if one knows where exactly to make changes. Some tweaks in the Group Policy of Microsoft can make sure that you don’t have to use Cortana and OneDrive unless you want to.

Find settings in seconds

Users often get confused by the way settings are displayed on Windows 10. In contrast to its original style, where all options used to lie in the control panel, now the settings are split between the new settings app and the old school control panel. A simple way to get comfortable with this is by performing a settings search on the search bar and then directly selecting the appropriate option from the search results. This way, there is no ambiguity and changing settings becomes fast and easy

With a lot more options to configure your system and make the best use of it, Microsoft has made one of the most flexible and fluid Operating Systems for its users. Windows10 installation is also a hassle-free and streamlined process. Some users however, may find it difficult to locate their product key. In fact, it is easy to find windows 10 product key in registry.

  • Start by clicking the start button and typing out ‘run’
  • Enter ‘regedit’ in the start bar and click on ‘ok’
  • Once the registry editor is open, navigate to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion” key in the registry
  • Right click on the product ID and select ‘Modify’ View the number displayed. This is the key you are looking for.

With 4 simple steps to find windows 10 product key in registry, there is no reason why it should stop you from installing Windows 10. Product keys are easy to find and most system already have one of their own! With this obstacle out of your way, it is now time to install the Operating System and avail all the benefits that it has to offer.

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