Winter Storm Makes Life Difficult in the U.S


Winter has arrived in full swing in the U.S to wallop a major part of the country. According to the paper USA Today, nearly 470 flights were cancelled outrately, which makes the Boston Airport the worst affected airport in recent times.

If you are planning for an out-of-station weekend, you should probably make sure to check with your nearest airport about the flight status. This will help you as most of them are either delayed or cancelled with respect to the weather conditions.

A couple preferred sleeping the whole night at the airport after their flight to Barcelona at 10.30 pm was cancelled. Manhattan mostly experienced rain and cities like Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island recorded 2-5 inches of snowfall.

Wind chills are expected in New York and the temperature is expected to fall to -20 in Boston and -35 in New Hampshire Maine and Vermont. Besides the chilly wind and the freezing rain, Harper is also noted for its size.

A meteorologist from National Weather Service says that these conditions are life-threatening and it is going to stay the same until Sunday. The residents in the adversely affected parts of the city are advised to remain inside as much as possible to avoid disastrous travel conditions.

In an accident, a plane skid on the runway of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, but fortunately no injuries were reported. President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to urge the Americans to be careful.

The storm was mainly caused due to a clash between low pressure from the Ohio Valley and high pressure from the Arctic. It is presently too early to know the status of flights on Monday because there might be sudden weather changes overnight and it also depends on the conditions of the runway. But, as of Sunday afternoon, more than 100 flights have been cancelled as reported by USA Today.

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