The Best TRX Exercises for Beginners


Nowadays people are quite into fitness. With discipline, many are trying to maintain their fitness too. And we all know we are into this lockdown scene and public gathering is prohibited. So, people are not able to use the gym. TRX band is a great product to have so that you can work out from the comforts of your home. 

This product was introduced by a former US navy officer for the best core and body balance exercises for the soldiers on the go. Like the soldiers, you can also do the best exercises even when you are not able to go to the gym.

In this article, we will discuss the best exercises for beginners who are using TRX for exercises. 


This is the best exercise that people usually do to get a powerful core or to maintain their core. Using TRX, it can be very easy, all you have to do is keep your foot on rest using the TRX strap and let it hang. Then keep your body straight parallel to the ground by keeping a distance from the ground using your elbows. There is one more way by which people who initially are not able to lift their body weight can do the same thing – it’s just by keeping their knees down.

Chest Press

This one is very easy and can be done with the ease of daily routine. What you have do here is fix the TRX at a place and then using the strap fix on your hand pull it towards you. This will help your chest expand and tight. 


This one is very interesting. All that you need to do is pull the strap of TRX. As you do this, you need to make your back and lower back move. This move can help you a lot. This exercise is best for making your back core strong too. This exercise has always been TRX users’ favorite.


The lunges are the athlete’s favorite as it helps in making legs strong. Using TRX gets more interesting. You need to balance a lot as your body weight plays a major role for weight and balance. Here you need to do the same lunges that you normally do but you need to use the strap for holding and do it rapidly.


This exercise is very useful for the complete body as it makes your legs strong, core strength, and your butts in good shape. When done using the TRX, it improves the exercise efficiency by more than 80% and gives you the perfect result in a very less amount of time (if done properly and regularly). 

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